Singleton Consulting Corporation

“The key to success in life is not in finding what we are looking for… success is in the search.”

  • We must teach ourselves to be listening to all we do not hear.
  • We must listen to our curiosity and treat it with respect.
  • We must explore all that we are offered in life.
  • We will find in those experiences our life’s meaning and purpose.
  • We will continue to grow our knowledge within all means possible and available to us.

In our business and personal lives we will experience the full range of situations that will allow us to break free from our impediments or be pulled back into the default positions that are so comfortable.

These are our choice points.

At Singleton Consulting, we believe these experiences provide the opportunity to build upon and cultivate our businesses, our organizations, and our lives.

This is our focus and our purpose … to learn and to grow.