Since 1996, Singleton Consulting has become a provider of business and organizational leadership training that makes a difference. The basic lessons of human behaviour and ethical business practices are melded into many programs and services to ensure that clients are able to seek sustainable and practical resolutions to their issues.

Singleton Consulting Corporation services include:

Partnering with other business models has allowed us to seek the customized best practices for our clients.

A full range of facilitated sessions of Leadership Skills Development and Training, and Team Development are also offered in partnership with

  • Focus Management Development
  • Marathon Communication Inc

John Singleton

John Singleton

About John Singleton

John Singleton is an expert in personal development, leadership, and training. John has been involved with all aspects of exploring and using people development and leadership training for more than 40 years.

In 1996, John moved forward to form his own consulting organization. He turned his skills and interests, in both business and people development, into working with entrepreneurs and structured groups so they might realize their full potential while continuing to access their dreams.

In his 30 years of senior administration and general management experience with Woolco, Wal-Mart and other businesses, he has always found workable solutions to business challenges. John combines a remarkable talent in the classroom with the wisdom gained from first hand experiences.

In addition to his management experience, John is the past Executive Director of the Penticton Chamber of Commerce. Here he and the team at the Chamber created and implemented strategic plans as well as facilitated group training and planning for three markets — business, not-for-profit, and tourism. In 2003, he was awarded the British Columbia Chamber Executive of the Year Award for his industry support and team efforts on a provincial scale. John is an Organizational Management Specialist with his trained received from the Canadian Institute for Organizational Management.

As a facilitator, John’s passion to help others “get it” is complimented by mixing just the right amounts of humour, fun, and education. His drive to make work enjoyable is contagious, entertaining, and highly effective!

To round out John’s eclectic life-career, for the past thirteen years, John has been a business strategy columnist writing “Common Cents” and has been published in both local and regional publications. He encourages and assists people to find “their best from within” for both business and personal excellence. John also presents a weekly radio chat called “Business Cents” to remind listeners that we are able to find those elusive solutions.

John’s focus and experience has been as a strategic planning facilitator, business trainer, and an executive coach.

It is this type of leadership and sharing that has had a solid impact on those who interact with him and John’s council is requested on a consistent basis where he encourages and assists people to find “their best from within” for both business and personal excellence.

“We are born to succeed… not to fail.”

* Curriculum Vitae available upon request.