• Seminar Facilitation and Training
  • Strategic Planning Sessions and Board Advances
  • Custom Keynote Addresses

Seminar Facilitation and Training

As your business group or department defines the skills enhancement and training that is required to take that group to the next level, custom programs and training would be designed.

Groups that need an outside facilitator to help them recalibrate their course have found that Singleton Consulting will provide them with the clarity of the direction equipped with knowledge and practical tools to help them along the way.

Some sessions are prepared and used in a customized manner. A pre-session survey is completed to ensure the issues and concerns that about in the foreground are reviewed and discussed. The goal is to equip your organization with the tools they need meet their objectives.

Session topics include:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership at all levels
  • Human Resources
  • Business Visioning
  • Project planning
  • Leadership Toolbox * Marathon Communications Inc.
  • Facing the Tiger * Marathon Communications Inc.
  • ReClaiming the Clock * Marathon Communications Inc.
  • ReDressing Stress * Marathon Communications Inc.
  • Dynamic Change * Focus Management

Strategic Planning Sessions and Board Advances

Many businesses and not for profit organizations loose their momentum as the days and months roll on. Studies indicate that the highest and least stressful returns on investments are accompanied by a solid and realistic plan. This plan will include a solid background of where you are coming form and where you are going.

Boards of directors have many challenges to be effective. A workable and custom strategic plan will give them the road-map of their choosing providing a stable set of milestones and check-ins. When these plans are made in advance, the road is smoother and easier.

Strategic Planning sessions may include:

  • Current reality surveys
  • Vision and Mission Statements review and crafting
  • Values statements defined
  • Team building exercises
  • Strategic planning from 1 to 5 years
  • Resources allocation
  • Monitoring and follow-up processes
  • Documentation

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