“success is the journey … not the destination”



Executive, Business and Personal

The role of the coach is to maximize performance by asking questions, providing challenges and accelerating your progress. This style of one-on-one coaching takes place by telephone or face-to-face. Read More…



Organizational Culture Change

The entire world operates in a spectrum of cultures. Business cultures can be ones of high stress, high performance, or one of acceptance of mediocrity. Any business operation, group, or organization is able to adjust its culture to the one that allows it to become the most effective and enjoyable it is able to become. Read More…



  • Seminar Facilitation and Training
  • Strategic Planning Sessions and Board Advance
  • Custom Keynote Addresses

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Custom Keynote Addresses

Does your business group or organization needs a fresh thought to unpack old issues and concerns?
Having a luncheon, dinner, or conference with a desire to recharge and invigorate your staff and volunteers?   Read More…